We encourage customers to use separate Azure subscriptions for different workloads and projects. As your needs change, or as projects come to a close, you may want to terminate your Azure subscription. This FAQ aims to guide you through our process for doing so.


What do I need to do before requesting cancellation of my Azure subscription?

It will not be possible for ITS Cloud Services to cancel your subscription unless all resource groups and resources in the subscription are deleted. In some rare cases, you might get errors deleting resources or resource groups from your Azure subscription. If you encounter any problems doing this, please contact ITS Cloud Services and we will work with you to solve the problem.


What do I need to do to cancel my Azure subscription?

To begin the subscription cancelation process, submit a request here. ITS Cloud Services will then cancel the subscription for you.


What happens after I submit a request to cancel my subscription?

We will cancel the subscription with Microsoft, and it will not appear when you log into the Azure Portal. This is a permanent action.


What if I need to get my subscription back?

There shouldn't be a reason to reactivate a subscription. Because Azure will not allow us to terminate a non-empty subscription, there shouldn't be anything to recover. Further, the act of canceling a subscription is final and permanent. It is not possible to reactivate after termination. Should you require another subscription in Azure, you can request one here.